How To Identify Cataracts In Your Dog And Prevent Blindness

vet checking dog eyes

Cataracts can be defined as the clouding of the lens of the eye, it becomes progressively opaque leading to blurred vision and blindness in advanced stages. The lens forms the clear part of the eyes and lies behind the iris and cornea, it allows light to pass through to the back of the eye, the … Read more

Dog Throwing Up Yellow: Keep Calm And Follow These Steps


There is an old saying in life, it is the little things that count. This old adage also applies to your dog well-being. Regular trips to the vet, buying premium food, and giving your dog vitamins will pay big dividends. If you fail to do these things, there is a strong possibility that you are … Read more

Dog Arthritis: Learn How You Can Help Your Dog


Dog Arthritis And Symptoms As responsible dog owners, we should all try to keep arthritis at bay, it is a major source of concern, causing pain and agony to your pooch, most pet owners use glucosamine and turmeric supplements as a natural alternative with almost no side effect. This disease might not cause death but is usually … Read more

Hip Dysplasia In Dogs


It’s always distressing to know a dog is in pain particularly when there’s little you can do to relieve their suffering. It’s one of the reasons owning an elderly canine can be very stressful. As dogs age, their bodies weaken just like ours do and dysplasia may occur. Aches and pains grow common and, besides … Read more

Dog Diarrhea: know what might be hiding behind this symptom


Anybody who has raised a pet from babyhood to adulthood understands the value of an iron stomach. Just as parents face the grossest situations without flinching, animal owners can tolerate their fair share of disgusting scenarios. It’s all a part of the job. We don’t become pet owners because it’s easy. We do it for … Read more

Your Dog Dry Nose Might Be A Warning Sign

closed up dog nose

Your dog’s kisses won’t feel the same thanks to the cold, wet nose that presses up against your face. When your dog’s nose gets dry and cracked, you become concerned with more than the quality of their kisses. Just as the overall health of your dog is important, so is the health of its nose. Are these symptoms … Read more

Why Is My Dog Throwing Up Undigested Food


As a canine owner, it’s imperative for you to accept the fact that your dog may throw up at some point in the future. Dogs are prone to throwing up when they’re experiencing a problem. So make certain you’re prepared to handle it. One episode of vomiting may not be a big deal, but you … Read more

Is Your Dog Hyperventilating?

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Identify these warning signs so that you can help your dog If your puppy has experienced hyperventilating in the past, you know this can be an extremely stressful situation for you and your beloved canine. Feelings of worry and anxiety can come into play as your puppy struggles to breathe. This is a normal reaction for dog … Read more