Dog Arthritis: Learn How You Can Help Your Dog

Dog Arthritis And Symptoms

As responsible dog owners, we should all try to keep arthritis at bay, it is a major source of concern, causing pain and agony to your pooch, most pet owners use glucosamine and turmeric supplements as a natural alternative with almost no side effect.

This disease might not cause death but is usually accompanied by complications such as chronic pain, obesity, and mobility issues. It is always advisable to act promptly as soon as symptoms start to show, rather than waiting until it’s too late.

Canine osteoarthritis¹ is a common type of arthritis that develops as a result of many contributing factors such as age, obesity, and injury. Do not wait till it’s too late.


The following can help to maintain your dog’s joints healthy

Watch Your Dog’s Weight

One of the major causes of arthritis is obesity. It is important to keep your dog’s weight in check, since too much weight exerts pressure on its joints, causing pain and discomfort which leads to less physical activity. This, in turn, leads to more weight build-up.

Avoid Too Much Exercise

They say too much of something is usually bad. Don’t make your dog exercise too much, or its joints will weaken over time due to excessive friction. Inquire from your vet about how much your dog should be exercising on a daily basis, this will vary depending on the breed, medical history, and diet.

Take Your Dog For Swimming

Yes! Swimming is therapeutic for your dog’s joints. It doesn’t cause irritation as a result of too much pressure, unlike other physical activities. In fact, it is known to improve cardiovascular health for dogs.

Quality Is Always Better Than Quantity

Feed your dog with nutrient-rich food. Natural raw food is always recommended due to its abundant nutritious benefits. Unlike that of man, the dog’s digestive system can take in raw foods such as meat and extract maximum nutrients from it, required for the development of healthy and energetic joints.

If you’re not into raw diets, then do your research and choose only the highest quality food, make sure to read the label and understand the ingredients listed. Typically, the ingredients listed at the top are the most prominent in the food.

Use Joint Supplements

Supplements improve the health of your dog’s joints by helping it develop strong cartilages and ligaments. This means that it will not be prone to injuries, keeping arthritis away each day.

Ruff Heros’s hip and joint supplement contain only the highest quality ingredients like Hemp Seed Meal, Chondroitin, MSM, Glucosamine HCL and many other important nutrients that will help keep your dog’s joints healthy.