Can Dogs Eat Lettuce?

Lettuce cut in half

Want to feed your dog some lettuce? Dogs are loved and adored by many, sometimes we allow our dogs to eat every kind of food we take. You should know that allowing your dog to eat every kind of food you have in your house is not the best for your fido. So amongst other … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe? Let’s Find Out!

cantaloupe in half

Summer is here, where everybody wants to eat cantaloupe or even taste slices of it.  Most people would love to enjoy it raw while some would rather consume it into a melon shake. One thing I like when enjoying swimming and a walk in the park is a summer fruit. It helps me to finish … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cherries? – Watch Out For These Dangers

dog and girl under cherry tree

There is no doubt that dogs are the most loved pets in the world. You can find a dog in nearly every home. This close relationship between dogs and human beings has led to strong bonds between dog owners and their pets. Do you own a dog? Do you enjoy giving him/her treats quite often? … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Celery? – Read Before Feeding Your Dog

dog in garden

Many Dog Owners Often Wonder If Celery Is Good For Their Pets. Just like humans, dogs also need a balanced diet too. But even though vegetables and fruits are popular treats, some of them aren’t that healthy and maybe even unsafe for your dog. And no one wants to jeopardize the health of their furry … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple


Fruits form part of a healthy diet for both humans and dogs. This being said, there are certain types of fruit that dogs should avoid and so it is always a good idea to do some research before introducing a new type of fruit into your dog’s diet. Is Pineapple Safe For Dogs? If you … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Avocado – Updated Research Contradicts Old Myth


Most People Question If Avocados Are Bad For Dogs. Here’s The Answer You may or may not have heard that avocados¹ are harmful to dogs because this myth is common in some parts of Canada and the US, it originated from a study back in 1994 from South Africa which discussed putative avocado toxicity in 2 dogs, so … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pears? – Know What To Avoid

four pears

Many people love pears for they are sweet and juicy. Since we love our dogs so much, we tend to feed our dogs with everything we eat. Sometimes this behavior can cause problems for our lovely dogs. You should know that not all fruits out there are friendly to our dogs. So the question that … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn Or Is It Too Risky?

popcorn with sad face

We Love Our Dogs There are many reasons why people love dogs, they are constant companions, they smile at us when we are feeling happy and cheer us up when we are feeling sad. They improve our mood and lessen stress, anxiety, and depression. Dogs are selfless creatures who are fiercely loyal to those they … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Mango?

mango image

Many of us wonder can dogs eat mango? The answer to this is simple. Yes, dogs can eat mango meat. This is because mango meat has a lot of nutrients such as vitamins that are healthy for your dog. This is if the mango is well peeled and the pit is removed. However, the amount of … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?


Why You Need To Be Careful When Feeding Shrimp To Your Dog.. Yes, dogs can eat shrimp¹ in moderation, but not raw shrimp, they need to be cooked to kill dangerous bacteria and avoid crustacean toxicity. Also, shrimp tails should be removed as they’re a choking hazard. Not only can you feed your dog some shrimp, … Read more