Why Is My Dog Throwing Up Undigested Food


As a canine owner, it’s imperative for you to accept the fact that your dog may throw up at some point in the future. Dogs are prone to throwing up when they’re experiencing a problem. So make certain you’re prepared to handle it. One episode of vomiting may not be a big deal, but you … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pears? – Know What To Avoid

four pears

Many people love pears for they are sweet and juicy. Since we love our dogs so much, we tend to feed our dogs with everything we eat. Sometimes this behavior can cause problems for our lovely dogs. You should know that not all fruits out there are friendly to our dogs. So the question that … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn Or Is It Too Risky?

popcorn with sad face

We Love Our Dogs There are many reasons why people love dogs, they are constant companions, they smile at us when we are feeling happy and cheer us up when we are feeling sad. They improve our mood and lessen stress, anxiety, and depression. Dogs are selfless creatures who are fiercely loyal to those they … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Mango?

mango image

Many of us wonder can dogs eat mango? The answer to this is simple. Yes, dogs can eat mango meat. This is because mango meat has a lot of nutrients such as vitamins that are healthy for your dog. This is if the mango is well peeled and the pit is removed. However, the amount of … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?


Why You Need To Be Careful When Feeding Shrimp To Your Dog.. Yes, dogs can eat shrimp¹ in moderation, but not raw shrimp, they need to be cooked to kill dangerous bacteria and avoid crustacean toxicity. Also, shrimp tails should be removed as they’re a choking hazard. Not only can you feed your dog some shrimp, … Read more

Is Your Dog Hyperventilating?

german-shepherd-dog-with-sticking-out-tongue 300x200

Identify these warning signs so that you can help your dog If your puppy has experienced hyperventilating in the past, you know this can be an extremely stressful situation for you and your beloved canine. Feelings of worry and anxiety can come into play as your puppy struggles to breathe. This is a normal reaction for dog … Read more

Phytoplankton For Dogs: Omega 3 and Anti-Oxidant Rich


Any responsible dog owner knows that the health of man’s best friend depends on our ability to provide sufficient nutrition and adequate supplements. This little known secret is a potent addition to a dogs’ diet that will help to keep your pooch healthy. We champion naturally sourced products for dogs, that’s why we are so … Read more

Pumpkin For Dog Anal Glands


Pumpkin + Dog + Anal Glands = Happy Dog Knowing the dietary requirements of your dog is a key element to keep your pet healthy, this includes natural foods or supplements that could prevent health issues like impacted anal glands. Pumpkin is a recommendable source of fiber that can be fed to the dog and … Read more

Coconut Oil For Dogs


Are you considering using coconut oil for your dog? For the most part, we want to figure out what is good or isn’t good for our dogs. If you are wondering whether coconut oil is safe for your dog, the simple answer is ‘yes’. However, as we know nothing is ever that straightforward. There are … Read more

Cranberry For Dogs


UTI, Health Benefits and Risks Both human and pet websites have been singing praises to the health benefits that you and your dog can derive from cranberry supplements. These praises are sung championing both, cranberry products as well as the fruit. As far as humans are concerned, cranberry is known to promote kidney and urinary … Read more

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