Coconut Oil For Dogs


Are you considering using coconut oil for your dog? For the most part, we want to figure out what is good or isn’t good for our dogs. If you are wondering whether coconut oil is safe for your dog, the simple answer is ‘yes’. However, as we know nothing is ever that straightforward. There are … Read more

Cranberry For Dogs


UTI, Health Benefits and Risks Both human and pet websites have been singing praises to the health benefits that you and your dog can derive from cranberry supplements. These praises are sung championing both, cranberry products as well as the fruit. As far as humans are concerned, cranberry is known to promote kidney and urinary … Read more

Fish Oil For Dogs


If you have dogs, maintaining their good health should be your primary goal. You want to feed them with the best food you can find in pet stores, but sometimes that is not enough. Fish oil is one of the most commonly used supplements, but what is fish oil for dogs? is it safe for … Read more

Turmeric For Dogs


If you regularly check out the trends in the health and fitness space, you have likely heard of turmeric, the wonder supplement hiding in your spice rack. Research has shown turmeric to have the properties of preventing and treating various chronic and acute illnesses in humans, including arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and more. It’s not … Read more

Probiotics For Dogs


As pet owners, we want what’s best for their health. A critical element of your dog’s wellbeing is a healthy and balanced diet but sometimes what they eat doesn’t provide all the necessary nutrients, this is especially true if your dog suffers from digestive issues. This means giving them a diet that covers their nutritional needs, promotes … Read more

Glucosamine For Dogs: The Ultimate Guide


What Is Glucosamine? Glucosamine is a critical molecule of the synovial fluid which main function is to lubricate and reduce friction between the cartilage of joints during movement. It’s basically a sugar produced by the body which helps in the formation of substances called glycosaminoglycan (GAG)¹, these are building blocks for cartilage and are essential for its growth and … Read more