Multivitamins To Supercharge Your Dog's Health

Scoops Full Of Nutrients, Not Fillers
  • 16 Billion + 7 Strains Of Dog Friendly Probiotics
  • Plenty Glucosamine & Green Lipped Mussel
  • Rich In Omega 3, 6 & 9
  • Wild Harvested Kelp
  • Joints, Digestive, Detox, Skin and Even Anal Glands

Did you know that happier and healthier dogs can live up to 5 years longer than the average dog? With food supplements like Hero One, you can help your beloved dog live a healthier and better life!

What Is Hero One?

Hero One is a dietary supplement for your dog. It is loaded with nutrients that your dog needs to develop, grow, and stay healthy during its life.

Hero One:
  • Improves and Maintains Joint Health
  • Combines Probiotics And Kelp For Anal Gland Issues
  • Improves Skin & Coat
  • Boosts Digestive System
  • Helps With Detox And Fights Allergies
  • Taurine, Choline, Potassium And Many Critical Vitamins
  • Increases Your Dog’s Energy Levels

What Makes Hero One So Good?

Hero One is the best all-in-one solution that can single-handedly improve your dogs’ health and longevity. It offers high-quality nutrients, natural ingredients, and you save big by purchasing only one supplement instead of three or four. With regular use, Hero One can help your dog develop and grow stronger, or even fight aging and improve overall well being.

The Hero One supplement uses a proprietary formula that gives your pet the nutritional edge it needs without breaking the bank. This supplement has a carefully balanced list of ingredients that include minerals and vitamins that dogs usually don’t get enough of through regular diets.

For instance, Hero One has more glucosamine and probiotics in one scoop than some other supplements that only offer glucosamine or probiotics. This nutritional density can make a noticeable difference for your dog’s health!

Here Is How It Compares To The Competition!

Natural Flavoring
High Concentration of NUtrients
Natritious base ingredients
Powder - Easier to Administer
artificial Flavoring
Inadequate NUtrients
unhealthy Fillers
Chewable Tablets

What Are The Ingredients Of Hero One?

Hero One is filled with healthy and natural ingredients that offer your dog valuable nutrients and health benefits. All of these ingredients are carefully picked by hand and mixed into a proprietary formula that is proven to give incredible health benefits to dogs when consumed regularly.

Keeps The Heart Healthy
  • Taurine
  • Omega (3, 6, and 9)
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Potassium
Helps With Hip And Joints
  • Glucosamine
  • MSM
  • Green Lipped Mussel
  • Hyaluronic Acid
Improves Cognitive Functions
  • Choline
  • Omega (3, 6, and 9)
  • Iron / Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Riboflavin
Immune System
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Carnitine
  • Kelp
Coat & Skin
  • Omega (3, 6, and 9)
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Manganese
Helps The Digestive System Of Your Dog
  • Seven Strains of
  • Probiotics & Enzymes
  • As well as many others...

What Do Our Customers Have To Say About It?

“Hero One helped my dog Blitz stay at a healthy weight and become more active. My dog now has more energy and lives a much better life than it was just a few short months ago!”

- Samantha A.

“My dog loves the way Hero One tastes. It has got to the point where she refuses to eat if I don’t put it into her bowl as well. At least it’s healthy for her and I don’t have to worry about forgetting about it!”

- John S.

“Luna is slowly getting old and you can see that she is not as active as she used to be. Luckily I started giving her Hero One for the past few months and she has shown massive signs of improvement! ”

- Nicole R.

“Ever since I introduced Hero One to my dog’s diet, it hasn’t gotten sick ONCE! My dog is active, happy, and healthy and I plan on keeping it that way for as long as possible!”

- Julie S.

frequently asked questions

Is this product safe for my dog?

Yes! It is safe and healthy for your pet!

Are there any side effects?

No known side effects have been reported for the Hero One!

Should I give it to my dog?

Hero One is proven to promote dogs’ health and longevity by giving them the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need.

Are there any contraindications to this supplement?

This product does contain green lipped mussel so not recommended for dogs allergic to shellfish. Also, if your dog has a critical condition please contact your Vet first.

Do I need a prescription?

No. Hero One does not require a prescription from your Vet.

Big Savings

Hero One is one of the most affordable options on the market, but the price can be even lower! If you order while this special offer lasts, you can get a large discount based on how much you order! The more you order the more you save!

One Jar

Joints, Digestive, Skin & Detox



Three JARs

Joints, Digestive, Skin & Detox




Joints, Digestive, Skin & Detox



Let your four-legged friend know how much you care about him by giving him a healthier and happier life with Hero One!

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