You Won't Believe Dogs Can Sense These Things Long Before They Happen

You Won't Believe Dogs Can Sense These Things Long Before They Happen

Dogs are naturally intuitive and intelligent creatures, they have a higher hearing capacity compared to humans. Five common things they are able to detect include:

  1. Bad weather

Dogs are known to detect or hear thunderstorms before they start. Research shows they are able to sense a drop in barometric pressure as well as changes in static electricity in the air. They also hear sound and vibrations of thunder from a distance before humans can, some owners have admitted to their dogs barking or wanting to cuddle before a thunderstorm occurs, they also try to herd their owners into safety and hide in safe comfortable corners e.g. behind the toilet. 

Keen canine owners are able to take note of such changes making them aware that a storm is approaching even without any visible evidence in the sky. They are also able to smell rain in the air.

  1. Earthquakes

Dogs are also able to detect earthquakes before they appear. It is said that their paws are able to detect rock crumbling, scraping, grinding below the ground. They can also hear changes in seismic activity that precedes an earthquake. Dogs normally appear to be distressed, anxious and pace around a lot at such times.

  1. Danger or ill-intentioned people

Dogs can detect people with ill motives through their body language and facial expressions. They are also able to detect pheromones and change in brain activity in aggressive people. Most usually bark at the person or may at times charge at them in a bid to ensure safety of their owners.

Dogs are also known to detect bombs and drugs.

  1. Disease

There are documented cases of dogs detecting cancer at stage zero. This is due to their ability to smell a natural chemical which cancer cells release that is different from that of normal cells. It helps them to differentiate malignant tissue from normal tissue. In cases of melanoma dogs tend to scratch the skin where the lesion is located.

This also applies to cases of low blood sugar where dogs are able to detect a chemical known as isoprene. This chemical increases when the blood sugar deeps. It is found in human breathe.

Seizure alert dogs are able to detect occurrence of a seizure minutes or hours before they occur. This is beneficial to people who suffer from epilepsy, they do so by detecting change in human behavior or through scent. They exhibit attention seeking behaviors such as whining, pawing or barking, there are some trained also to assist their owner during an epileptic seizure, they alert the owner to lie in a safe place until the seizure has passed. They also lie down next or on top of their owners to give them comfort as well as prevent them from injuring themselves.

  1. Human pregnancy

Apart from change in movement, physique and strides common during pregnancy, they are also able to detect change in hormones during pregnancy, they are able to sense the pregnancy even before someone is aware. They also act anxious before one goes into labor.

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